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Zelex SLE Collection

The Zelex SLE Collection - Amazing pricing for a full silicone doll!

What's new with the Zelex SLE Collection?
  • The Zelex uses a New Silicone formula developed by Zelex that's softer than traditional Silicone
  • The Zelex SLE Collection is preconfigured and ready to ship. Shipping is from China and should take 10-14 days.
  • New head and body designs.
All Zelex SLE Collection Dolls are preconfigured with the following:
  • Zelex Soft Head with Movable Jaws
  • EXP skeleton
  • Hard hands
  • Standing Feet with bolts
  • Realistic body makeup
  • Gel breasts
  • Gel butt
  • Articulated fingers
  • Fixed vagina