Taxes and Shipping to the US and EU Included with all doll purchaes

Lay-Buy FAQ

Is it safe & secure? All LAY-BUY payments are automatically setup and managed in PayPal

Can I select the down-payment percentage? YES! We do have a minimum 50% down, but you can go as high as 50%.

Can I select how many months to pay-off the balance? YES! You can select anywhere from 2-6 months to make your payments.

Are there any ongoing or extra costs?  No! There are no additional costs to you to use our layaway service.

Are there any late fees? No late fees ever.

When do I receive my purchase? Your order will be placed as soon as final payment has been made. You can expect to receive your items within 30 days of this purchase.

How are Lay-Buy installment payments paid? All Lay-buy payments are automated via a recurring profile in your PayPal account

Can a I  settle a LAY-BUY earlier? Yes - please contact us to revise payment plan.

What happens if a payment is missed? PayPal will then auto attempt again in 5 days, up to 2 more times.

Is the customer and merchant told about a missed Payment? Yes, PayPal send an email notification to both parties

How does a I catch up a missed payment? We will invoice you for the missed payment.

How does this work with Special Manufacturer deals? If the amount of time to pay off your layaway plan extends beyond the manufacturer sale, we may not be able to place the order for you. Please contact us so we can work with you and the manufacturer to see what we can do.